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More freshness for the face with Botox treatments

Are you also tired of being constantly asked why you look so grim, sad or angry? Especially the wrinkles between your eyebrows, also called frown lines, make us look grumpy. With Botox injection treatments, the independent doctors at Senzera Skin can help you look fresher relatively easily and quickly.

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20 Min




after 5- 10 days




3-5 months


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For a relaxed and happy appearance

Botox treatments at Senzera Skin

Brow Lift, crow's feet and frown lines

The frown line

This is the wrinkle between the eyebrows and makes us look grumpy and angry. A small amount of botulinum toxin can be used to soothe the area and smooth out the wrinkles.

The crow’s feet

These wrinkles are often caused by the loss of elasticity and a pronounced laugh. Crow’s feet are the wrinkles to the right and left of the eyes. Botox injections gently smooth them out and drive fatigue from the face.

The Brow Lift

If the eyebrows press into the face, they can be lifted with a simple stitch. Loss of volume in the forehead with age also causes the eyebrows to move downward. This is where a filler treatment could be useful.

Lip flip, strawberry chin and sweating

Lip Flip

Especially with increasing age, the lip begins to rotate inward and appears narrow. At the same time it also loses volume. From a combination of botolinum toxin and hyaluron, narrow lips can be corrected gently, beautifully and naturally.

Strawberry chin/ Pavement chin

In the lower facial area we process many problems, unconsciously we pull up our chin. Due to these constant muscle movements, the skin on the chin becomes unstable and wrinkled, also the submental wrinkle develops. With small Botox injections we can gently soothe this area as well.

Sweating / Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating that occurs uncontrollably without exposure to great heat, cold or physical exertion is referred to in medicine as “hyperhidrosis”. Botox treatments have proven to be a safe and effective therapy against hyperhidrosis.