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Cellulite treatment

What is cellulite?

Anatomy & Cause

Cellulite anatomy

Cellulite is mainly an aesthetic problem. It develops when body fat and fluid are deposited in the tissue. Fat cells in particular can grow to ten times their original size to store energy for the body. These cells press down on the connective tissue and between the connective tissue strands – the familiar cellulite skin pattern develops.

If the bulges become more pronounced over time, this can disrupt the blood supply to the affected areas. The body can then hardly remove the fat and fluid on its own.

The vast majority of women are affected; some studies speak of up to 90%. Mostly the buttocks and thighs are affected, but cellulite can also appear on the abdomen and upper arms.

At Senzera Skin, we support many guests in reducing cellulite and are happy to help you too.

Causes of cellulite in women

The reason why so many women are affected and hardly any men is due to the connective tissue of women. In women, this is designed to be able to stretch much more elastically to enable pregnancy and birth. Unfortunately, this also makes the connective tissue on the buttocks and thighs more elastic – the result: fat cells and fluids can push their way through the connective tissue towards the surface.

Environmental factors and strains on the body such as stress, smoking, alcohol consumption and increased body weight have a favorable effect. But athletic, young women are also often affected.

What can I do against cellulite?

Our treatment options

Conventional methods

Often the fight against cellulite is first started with a healthy diet and sports. This has a positive effect on health and metabolism and can not only be recommended, but is the prerequisite for all further treatments. Unfortunately, this alone is rarely successful. The reason: once the fat cells are stuck in the connective tissue and have a poor blood supply, the body has difficulty metabolizing these energy reserves.

Creams on the market or home remedies that are applied to the skin from the outside also rarely provide relief. The skin forms a strong barrier that fortunately protects our body from bad environmental influences. Unfortunately, this barrier is not penetrated to the fat cells even by creams and home remedies.

Cellulite treatment at Senzera Skin

In our studios in Cologne and Dusseldorf, we can offer you several modern procedures to alleviate cellulite. Our beauty experts will advise you individually and discuss realistic results with you.

We can combat the stuck fatty tissue with a combination treatment of ultrasound, radio frequency treatment and lipomassage. This allows us to reach the deeper layers of the skin and act on the fat cells and deposits that are stuck there.

Highly focused ultrasound (HIFU) can also be used to tighten the connective tissue. This method can achieve immediate contraction of the deep skin structures, which can lead to directly visible results.

The best method or combination of methods for you depends on your body and skin condition, which is why we determine a treatment plan together with you.

Cellulite treatment costs

The cost of the treatment depends on your skin condition and the methods that are chosen, as well as the necessary number of treatment sessions. To make a blanket statement would not be serious.

Senzera Skin employs naturopaths and specially trained beauticians who will discuss all your wishes, options and costs with you in a free consultation. Only in this way do you know what to expect and what success is likely. Furthermore, we check – for your and our safety – that a treatment can also be carried out under health aspects.

We would like to encourage you to make use of the possibility of a free consultation and to inform yourself. You can arrange this either conveniently online here (“Consultation in general”) or by telephone on 0221 42077053.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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