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Fat way injection

The injection lipolysis

You exercise regularly, eat healthy food and still you can’t get rid of your unloved fat pads?
Such stubborn pads are often found on the double chin, arms, stomach or above the knee. With the Fat Away Injection at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf, it is possible to specifically treat the fat in these regions. The active ingredient phosphatidylcholine is extracted from the soybean and is able to positively influence the fat metabolism in a similar way to the body’s own bile acid. According to current knowledge, once fat cells have been dissolved, they do not reform again.

Treatment time

15 Minutes

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The Fat Away Syringe Treatment

During the consultation, the Senzera Skin practitioner will analyze your troublesome fat deposits. With the help of a so-called pin test, it is possible for us to check whether it is really a treatable fat deposit. We will then advise you on the realistic success of the treatment.
Depending on the extent of the area to be treated, 2-3 treatments are required at intervals of 6-8 weeks.
After disinfection of the area to be treated, the phosphatidylcholine is injected with very fine needles. You will feel the punctures only slightly, as there are few nerve fibers in the subcutaneous tissue. Immediately after the injection of the preparation, fat reduction begins, and you may feel a slight burning and pressing sensation. After about 4 weeks you can already see the first results, the size of the depot should have visibly decreased and also the skin contracts due to its elasticity.

Fat-away injection as a substitute for liposuction?

The fat-away syringe is often used at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf for the effective treatment of the double chin. The great advantage of the fat-away syringe is that it works in a precise and controlled manner. In this way, our alternative practitioner can specifically treat disturbing deposits in the lower cheek area and in this way work out the lost chin contour again. The treatment area around the knee or on the upper arms is also very popular.
For the targeted treatment of smaller fat deposits, fat-away injection is a successful method. For large areas, liposuction is an alternative. The 3D Lipomed method (cryolipolysis / cavitation) is also very suitable for use on larger areas.

Areas of application

  • Double chin
  • Cheeks
  • Love Handles
  • Upper arms
  • Knees
  • Riding pants
  • Abdomen
  • Lipomas

Senzera Skin Recommendation

Since the dissolved local fat is transported out of the body via the lymphatic system, we recommend that you drink plenty of water or unsweetened liquid, preferably up to 4 liters per day. In addition, a healthy diet should be followed and alcohol should be avoided for one week after the treatment.

Possible Result

Experience with fat way injection

Numerous clients are very satisfied with the results of fat removal injection treatment at Senzera Skin. Some of them would not have thought beforehand that the results would be so natural and convincing. Many were especially happy with the fact that it is only an outpatient treatment without anesthesia.

These are the positive experiences our customers had at Senzera Skin:
-extensive consultation that leaves no questions unanswered
-good tolerance of the active ingredients
-outpatient treatment without anesthesia or anesthesia
-uniform fat reduction
-no dents
-desired result achieved after 2-3 treatments

Possible areas of application of the fat way syringe

The fat-away injection is a great alternative to liposuction that offers a wide range of applications. The fat-away injection is particularly popular for the treatment of the double chin. Precisely and in a controlled manner, the fat deposits can be addressed and melted away here. The experienced staff at Senzera Skin can work on the contour of the chin and the chin line again in a very targeted manner.

Other areas, such as the treatment of knees or upper arms with the fat way injection are also very popular. Love handles, back, abdomen, riding pants and shoulder-arm joints can of course also be treated specifically and effectively. A wonderful side effect of the fat way injection is the reduction of cellulite in the treated area. The targeted body fat reduction can be supported by a suitably coordinated massage.

Hints for at home

  • no sauna or solarium visits
  • no sun exposure
  • no extreme sports for about one week after treatment

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The fat way injection

To get rid of annoying fat pads, the fat way injection is a very good and gentle option. The active ingredient used in Senzera Skin contains, among other things, a natural preparation. The phosphatidylcholine provides a targeted increase in fat metabolism. As a result, the excess fat deposits are removed naturally via the lymphatic or macrophage system. For this purpose, the active ingredient of the fat removal injection is injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue with a very fine needle.

This treatment takes only about 15 minutes and can cause only slight swelling or redness, which disappears after a few days. Fat reduction takes about four weeks, after which the results of the treatment are visible. For the desired effect, two to three treatments are usually necessary with an interval of six to eight weeks. We will be happy to advise you individually on this.