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Plasmage – skin correction without surgery

With the original Plasmage plasma technology, our skin experts at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf correct drooping drooping eyelids or tighten lower eyelids – without a scalpel, anesthesia or surgery. The excess skin of the drooping eyelids is removed with plasma energy in a targeted and precise manner and disappears permanently. Surrounding or deeper tissue is not damaged in the process. The great advantage of this gentle method is that no incisions are necessary. No blood flows during the treatment and there are no bruises. The result – more open eyes – is visible immediately.

In addition, fibromas and age warts, as well as xantelasmas and scars can be treated effectively.

Treatment time

20 – 90 Min

Social capability

after 5 – 8 days




from 49 €

Effective and safe

Beautiful eyes and skin

The mode of action

Plasma technology at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf is used to remove excess skin in a targeted and controlled manner. Physically, plasma is defined as the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and it is also called “liquid gas”. A plasma occurring on Earth is lightning during a thunderstorm.

Plasmage uses the ionization of the air around us. Between the tip of the device and the human skin, an energy is created that allows us to sublimate the top layers of the epidermis without damaging the dermis. It also kills germs and stimulates wound healing.

The treatment

During a consultation, the skin experts at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf will discuss your goals and expectations in detail. If excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid is the cause, the plasmage eyelid lift can be performed. After the area to be treated has been disinfected, an anesthetic cream is applied. When the skin is anesthetized, the plasma jet is used to vaporize the excess skin. You can immediately see how the skin contracts and tightens.

The result is immediately visible and permanent. No subsequent soreness is expected. A light scab forms, which heals naturally after about 5-6 days.


Immediately after the plasma treatment at Senzera Skin in Cologne or Düsseldorf you will see your result. The excess skin, which grew over the years and made your eyes look smaller and smaller, has been specifically removed. Now your eyes appear more open and larger again. In the first few days after the treatment, a scab will form, which will fall off on its own after about 4-7 days. Then the skin may still be a little red, but it will gradually fade. There may also be edema on the following day.

Fields of application

  • Eyelid lifting
  • Lower eyelid lifting, removal of bags under the eyes
  • crow’s feet, eye wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on the upper lip
  • Wrinkles in front of the ears
  • Treatment of scars
  • Treatment of stretch marks

Senzera Skin recommendation

When the scab has fallen off, you can care for your skin with valuable restorative substances and, above all, protect it with a sun protection factor of 50.

To note

  • No sun exposure
  • Do not visit sauna or solarium
  • Wear sunglasses or a hat.
  • Until the scab has fallen off, please do not wear make-up if possible and avoid strong friction.
  • You can care with Bepanthen or zinc ointment.

Scar treatment

In the course of life, almost all of us get one or another scar. Many suffer from unsightly, visible scars. The scar tissue is a replacement tissue, which is often white and no longer pigmented. There are also the hypertrophic scars, or the raised keloid scars.

At Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf, we can correct your scars with the original Plasmage plasma technique in a way that is completely gentle on the skin and non-invasive. The plasma jet is used to selectively remove tissue depending on the type of scar. The plasma effect also stimulates deeper tissue layers and blood circulation in the scar tissue itself. This stimulates the growth of new connective tissue fibers in the scar area and repairs the injured skin. The result is a significantly more even and uniform skin appearance.

After scar treatment at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf, a light scab will form on the treated area. This must fall off on its own. Underneath, the new skin is formed, which must still be protected from the sun in the first weeks after the scar treatment.

Fibroma, age warts removal

Fibromas appear with increasing age. They often appear quite suddenly on the neck, around the eyes or in the armpit and groin area. They look like small skin shreds, in the vernacular they are also called stalk warts. They have no function, they are unproblematic growths of connective tissue. However, in certain situations they also start to bother. For example, they rub against clothing or can cause irritation when shaving or cutting hair. At Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf, we remove fibromas and age warts without complications using the original plasmage technique.

After an anamnesis interview, the benign changes, such as stalk warts, age warts, fibromas or smaller blood blisters, also called angiomas, are examined by the professional skin therapist at Senzera Skin in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Only after a detailed explanation can the treatment begin. The treatment area is disinfected. With the targeted plasma beam, the disturbing and non-functional tissue is precisely removed, very selectively and without affecting the surrounding tissue.

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